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The FoodTronix Restaurant Management System (RMS) represents the most comprehensive restaurant Point of Sale (POS) tool in our arsenal. Our solution is not only focused on your in-store operations, but strategic cost reduction, revenue channel growth and process optimization.

The RMS is not portioned into smaller modules as many POS vendors do. We only offer a complete solution. Our customer experience has shown partial solutions cause partial success and partial customer satisfaction. Feature functionality in our solution includes TableService, QuickService, PizzaService, cash-control, employee security, time cards, inventory management, comprehensive management reports, instant credit card processing, multi-station support, cloud integration and more.

Full Details

In-store Operations

From clocking in to assembling an employee bank, the RMS will manage the cash and order flow in your day-to-day operations. The system will process payments, facilitate order modifications, ensure the remote dispatches are relayed, and report the day's progress through quick snapshot reports.

Cost Reduction

In addition to simple inventory management, cash loss prevention technology, and accurate order tracking, simply having a POS in your operation will bring to light cost factors that have been going unchecked.

Revenue Channel Growth

Cost reduction and order tracking are important, but growing your marketing and customer loyalty are also major features of the RMS. Take advantage of mobile marketing integration as well as mobile payment technologies to step beyond conventional forms of payment and ahead of your competition.

Process Optimization

Implement our proven structured process to improve the speed and effectiveness of your operation. Our goal is to ensure orders are quickly processed, dispatched, closed, and your customer-perceived turnover speed is ideal. The RMS provides the functionality and reporting you will need to achieve this.


The FoodTronix Restaurant Management System (RMS) uses several security mechanisms including restricted user permissions, manager overrides, secure employee identification, artificially intelligent employee theft agent, and online data protection. In short, the RMS has the technology to protect you from malicious attacks, restrict employee access, and catch and report employees if they are stealing from you.

Online Data Protection

We offer an off-site data protection service where your data may be stored on a secured server for data security.

Secure Employee Identification

The RMS can restrict certain employees to login only with a swipe card or fingerprint, preventing fellow employees from clocking them in, modifying orders, or providing manager overrides with those easily memorized employee numbers.

Restricted Employee Permissions

Select a role for each employee and the RMS will auto-assign permissions, or customize each employee's permissions as you see fit. The RMS will keep that employee within the functions you specify.

Manager Overrides

When employees perform functions that might result in cash loss to you, a manager override prompt will be displayed to complete the action. This feature will both discourage theft attempts as well as post-dispatch order modifications.

Artificially Intelligent Employee Theft Agent

Based on the level you configure the system security for, the actions an employee performs which match theft activities may cause a system message during business and the end of day process. The higher the level, the more granular the theft agent will get.

Order Processing: Table Service

The FoodTronix Restaurant Management System (RMS) TableService order processing is tailored for the most efficient and effective use in a table service environment. TableService and QuickService order processing may run on the same station; however, they are normally separate stations.

Optimized Layout

The interface allows the wait staff to separate tables and quickly access dishes to add to the menu. Stations can be configured to accommodate a cashier in a fast casual environment, a bartender screen for bartenders, or the simple table layout for wait staff.

Splitting and Combining Checks

A split and combine order interface has been created to offer the wait staff several methods of check splitting, including dutch, batch splitting, and individual splitting. Easily import and combine orders with heuristic security checks to help prevent discount, gratuity or wait staff served drink manipulation.

Recallable Orders

Wait staff will be able to see all their active orders and their current state including order status, kitchen status, and payment status when they are logged in. Quickly recall a to-go order by selecting the customer's name and opening the order for further modification or cashout.

Employee Tills

Money collected by wait staff is tracked as each TableService order is closed. Additionally you may loan an employee a bank of money, which is also tracked until collected. During the day, a quick report tells you how much money is walking around the room at any time. Easily cash out at end-of-shift and pay back any loans and make good on tips owed.

Order Processing: QuickService

The FoodTronix Restaurant Management System (RMS) QuickService order processing is tailored for the most efficient and effective use in a quick service environment. QuickService and TableService order processing may run on the same station; however, they are normally separate stations.

Quick Payments

Speed up the process further with our smart quick payment function. The system will calculate based on the amount of the check what the most likely payment amounts will be. It even considers the payment type in determining these values.

Express Credit Card Mode

Configure the credit card processing to bypass signature copies for smaller checks to save paper and time. Trade that administrative time and wasted paper to process another customer sooner.

Customer Management

The relationship you have with your customers is invaluable. Without it you would be out of business. The RMS provides the means to keep the relationship alive and well.

Retain Customer Information

Quickly recall a customer's data through either a name or phone number search. You can apply notes, delivery address, e-mail address, or even map quadrants to a customer.

View Order History

When identifying a customer, view all the orders they have placed with you. Easily recall an order to quickly start a new order with this history.

Create Marketing Lists

The RMS empowers you to invite this month's birthday customers in for a free birthday surprise, or keep your loyal customers up to date on this month's specials. Market to your customers through email, post, or phone easily with consolidated customer lists. Reach out to those customers who seem to have wandered off.

Track Customer Value

See how often a customer has ordered, or how much they've spent with you. Track gift card usage to gauge the effectiveness of your gift card program.

Caller ID

Supporting up to 96 simultaneous phone lines with our unique real-time caller ID display technology, the RMS will give your staff the ability to identify a calling customer through a single touch.

Delivery Manager

Assign deliveries to drivers, easily calling up the driving directions to group like-area deliveries together. Easily reconcile the transactions the drivers performed during their deliveries.

Location Mapping

While entering a customer address, the system provides quick-finish results with known streets in your area. Once confirmed the system also provides the appropriate map quadrant information as needed.

Time and Attendance

The RMS time card system helps you track hours due to your staff. Easily clock-in, clock-out, edit, and report the needed data.

Labor Report

Quickly pull a time-card report for all employees at any time. Don't be restricted to pay period reports, let the flexibility of the RMS reporting system give you the freedom you need. Watch your labor to revenue ratio closely to help guide over/under staffing metrically.

Menu Management

With the RMS you can add, modify, and remove dishes, pizzas, and properties at any time.

Pizza Manager

Configure your various pizzas and toppings with the different offerings and prices through the pizza manager. Even prevent certain toppings or pizzas from being mixed with others to keep staff in-line with realistic pizza combinations.

Property Manager

Enter the various modifiers and groups of modifiers as they may apply to the different dishes, drinks and pizzas your operation offers. Choose forced or passive property groups to help ensure necessary modifications occur, yet minimize the screen flow to keep up speedy order entry.

Management Functions

The RMS empowers you and your managers to quickly solve or approve the manager-level decisions required in daily business.


Any manager or employee with permission can cash out wait staff, delivery staff, and cashiers at any time.

Quick Lookup and Voids

Managers can easily retrieve any order, review, change, or void the current day's orders from any workstation.

Adhoc Adjustments and Overrides

A manager can either make adjustments to an order, or be called over by an employee to enter their override authorization. You can even unvoid accidentally voided credit cards or swap credit cards to the correct orders without needing the actual card or having to look up the card number.


Strategically manage your store using the ensemble of reports provided with the FoodTronix Restaurant Management System (RMS). The system will even schedule for certain reports to be emailed to you or others on a periodic basis.

Sales Summary

The Sales Summary report is the most popular "status check" mechanism used in the RMS today. So popular, it's been added to the quick pick tool bar for managers and provides a breakdown by service type, payment type, taxes, labor, voids and more.

Sales Detail

Get a complete breakdown of the orders in a period of time for investigation.

Dish Usage

Monitor the performance of your dishes, and simple inventory management with the dish usage reports. The system will even consider the properties served with each dish.


Using theoretical inventory, allow our profitability report to calculate modified dish costs considering all costs affiliated with the recipe unit.

Discounts and Gift Cards

Determine the amount of discounts given or open liability in gift cards through the liability reports.

End of Day

Shown with the end of day process, see a snapshot of all the important events through the day, including orders processed, cash drawer balancings, and employee theft alerts.


The heart of the FoodTronix Restaurant Management System (RMS) is the ability to integrate with many types of systems and peripherals. From printing kitchen orders on remote printers, to interfacing with many Internet Ordering vendors, to advertising on e-Bay, the doors of potential are wide open.

Remote Printers

The RMS supports an unlimited number of kitchen, bar, and prep printers. Depending on your configuration, one order may be printed to many printers. Configure how add-ons and changes will affect the printing as well.

Credit Card Processing

You can easily run all your credit card transactions through the POS using a secure hosted payment gateway technology, keeping all that cardholder information out of the store where potential thieves can't get to it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Depending what your needs are, the point of sale system can start as low as $40 or be in excess of $10,000. We recommend you familiarize yourself with the POS buyer's guide, then contact our restaurant consultant who can give exact figures.

How long have you been in business?

Incepted and based in Grapevine, TX, FoodTronix has been operating since 2002.

What happens if I need support?

Day or night, weekends or holidays, we are open 24x7 with live tech support agents based in Grapevine, TX to handle your support concerns. Fun fact: 99% of our calls are easily resolved remotely, saving time for everybody.

How long does it take to have a system up and running in my restaurant?

This depends on how customized your system needs are. For a simple system used by most stores, the delivery timeline including the menu programming and shipping averages 2 - 4 weeks.

What are the hardware warranties?

The warranties vary based on manufacturer. Most all touch computers, desktop computers, touchscreen monitors, receipt and kitchen printers carry a 3-year parts and labor warranty. Our cash drawers carry a 2-year parts and labor warranty. Our caller ID interceptors, customer displays, food scales, barcode scanners, fingerprint readers, battery backups, network routers, and network switches carry a 1-year parts and labor warranty. These are manufacturer backed warranties. Our maintenance program covers us being your primary point of contact regarding these issues.

What is the difference between your full service option and quick serve?

Our ordering screens are optimized for the store environment. This is necessary as cashiers need functions that waiters do not, and vice versa. This does make our system leaps and bounds more productive in those two respective environments.

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