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Elevate Dining Efficiency with Foodtronix Tableside POS

Our FlexTab product allows your servers to easily take orders at the table and focus on your customers instead of having to input orders at a fixed station.

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FoodTronix FlexTab

Put the same POS Experience in your Hands and as a Terminal
(unlike the other guys)

If you are looking for the next generation tablet, you’ve found it! The Fusion Hybrid Tablet is an All-In-One (AIO) solution with easy mobility conversion. Continue reading to see how this product stands out from the rest of the tablet industry.


  • 11.6” Projected Capacitive LED LCD
  • 8 GB Ram Standard
  • Electronic Lock to Secure Base
  • All-In-One (AIO) Hybrid Tablet

Features You Can Expect

Support Dashboard Icon

Fast, simple order processing. No more hand written orders.

Mobile POS Integration

Handheld so wait staff can carry the POS anywhere within the restaurant.

Cloud Icon

The Fusion Hybrid Tablet is based on the Android platform, allowing multiple device options.

Hardware Options Icon

Fast & Reliable. Rest easy in the knowledge that if the Internet goes down, your POS remains up and running.

Theft Protection Icon

Safe & Secure. Using layered security technology, keep unwanted devices from accessing your data.

Support Card Swipes

Any updates made in the RMS are automatically sent to the Fusion Hybrid tablet automatically. 


Are the POS screens different on the tablet than the POS?


No, unlike most POS systems, we bring the same, fully functional experience to our tablets without your staff needing to learn 2 different ways to do everything.

Can I take credit card payments with this tablet?


Yes, there is an integrated card reader on the tablet for this.

Can the tablet convert into a POS station?


Yes, unlike most POS systems, this tablet can be portable AND stationary

Does the tablet come with a protective case?



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