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Enhance Your Pizza Restaurant Phone System with Foodtronix

Integrate Directly Into Most POS Systems

At FoodTronix, we understand more than anyone how small businesses work, especially in the fast-paced world of pizza restaurants. Our advanced pizza restaurant phone systems are designed to streamline your operations, guaranteeing every slice is served hot, quick, and to your customer’s satisfaction.

Our pizza restaurant phone system is also customizable to fit your point-of-sale (POS) system of choice. It integrates with some of the most popular POS systems around, ensuring a smoother transition. This way, you can easily manage orders, deliveries, and more. 

The convenience and efficiency of this integration allow you to be able to focus on what’s really important – providing your customers with the best experience possible. 

The Best Phone System Exclusively For Restaurants

Implementing the right restaurant phone system doesn’t just make sense for your customers and your business on the front end, but it also makes a huge difference for your employees.

Think about how game-changing it would be for your pizza delivery drivers to be able to have set cashout tools ready to go so payments are seamless and fast. Through the proper system, management can see which deliveries have been completed and which are still outstanding.

The headache caused by chaos can multiply as systems break down, causing more and more issues as things fall apart. Employees thrive when they are supported by a pizza phone system that does not fail.

See Why FoodTronix is the Best Phone System For Pizza Restaurants and Has the Most Value For The Pizza Industry

Monthly price for 3 phones $$ $$$ $$$ $$ $
Call Queueing & Ring Groups
Automated Attendant
Call Recording Available
Promotion/Upsell Messaging
Automated Texting
Failover Internet Options
POS Integration
Overflow Throttling
Analog(old) and VOIP Hardware
Dedicated PBX (FULLY customizable)
Service Model Full Self Self Self Self

Benefits You Can Expect From The Best Phone System For Pizza Restaurant

phone management system
  • Lose less call-in orders

  • Promote callers to your online ordering

  • Higher average ticket potential

  • Higher quality caller experience (no call waiting / busy / voicemail)

  • Can integrate with FoodTronix “Pizza Hut Style”

  • Prioritize curbside pickup callers ahead of to-go callers

  • Throttle overflow call-in volume


  • Works with most restaurant POS systems, including ours

Customer Testimonial

Over the years, we have served several restaurants of all kinds and sizes in and out of Texas. Here's what one of our customers has to say about FoodTronix:

Elesha Snyder
"I've been using FoodTronix for over 12 years now and can't fathom trusting another company with what all they do for us. They're a small family business like mine. Their phone solution has really helped my business by catching the calls we would have missed, keeping our staff focused on their customer and educating our customers about our online ordering options. They may have been around forever, but they definitely know how to stay ahead of the competition!"


- Elesha Snyder, Owner of George's Family Kitchen, Dayton, OH

Our Customers

Learn more about our phone management system!

Schedule a phone call with us to discover how our phone system can work for you! We will demonstrate how we can integrate our technology into your restaurant for faster, better service. FoodTronix was developed with restaurant owners in mind. We knew that the most important factors to consider were functionality, cost efficiency, and dependability. We are so excited that we have solved these matters and now we bring our resolution to you. From counter servicecafescasual diningbars, and nightclubs, to fine dining and pizza places, we’ve got restaurant phone systems covered.

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