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FoodTronix understands that each area of your restaurant has specific needs, requiring different point of sale solutions. As a First Time Buyer all of the options available may seem daunting, but we’re here to help you choose the right one.

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Access your restaurant from the tip of your fingers.

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24/7 Customer Support from our office in Grapevine Texas

Mobile POS Integration

Mobile POS Integration

The FlexTab enables mobile POS options

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Hardware Options

We offer new, used, and system take over hardware options

Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Our robust software starts at $49.99/ Month

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CC Processing

You can use any credit card process you would like.

Our Top Solutions

Restaurant Management System (RMS)

The FoodTronix Restaurant Management System (RMS) represents the most comprehensive restaurant Point of Sale (POS) tool in our arsenal. Our solution is not only focused on your in-store operations, but strategic cost reduction, revenue channel growth and process optimization.

The RMS is not portioned into smaller modules as many POS vendors do. We only offer our complete solution. Our customer experience has shown partial solutions cause partial success and partial customer satisfaction. Feature functionality in our solution includes TableService, QuickService, PizzaService, cash-control, employee security, time cards, inventory management, comprehensive management reports, instant credit card processing, multi-station support, cloud integration and more.

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The FlexTab provides restaurants a lighter version of the RMS that can travel freely. This solution enables your wait staff to focus on the customers even more as they no longer need to go to a fixed station to enter the orders. Enable your managers to perform their functions while on the floor or in the back in real time.

Set up to 5 units for $49.99 a month. 7 inch Samsung tablet price new $299 and refurbished $249. The FlexTab is developed to integrate tightly with the FoodTronix Restaurant Management System (RMS), allowing centralized order processing, data administration and reporting. Feature functionality in this solution includes optimized waiter functionality, security, and in-store POS integration.

FoodTronix FlexTab

Phone Management System

Time’s have changed and phone orders have increased. Never miss another phone call again with our Phone Management System. 

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The PC-Based Cashier Station couples the world’s leading PC and POS electronics manufacturers in one very powerful, low cost solution. Enjoy the benefits only commercial grade POS peripherals can offer including IP54 ratings and water resistance. Nearly all the equipment carries at least a 3-year manufacturer warranty, signaling a higher quality standard.


The All-In-One Cashier Station creates the ultimate fan-less POS combination. Save the space of a PC and enjoy the benefits of IP54 ratings and water resistance. Nearly all the equipment carries at least a 3-year manufacturer warranty, signaling a higher quality standard.

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Our Products

FoodTronix FlexTab
Foodtronix Hardware
best phone system for pizza restaurant
FoodTronix FlexTab

Table side POS

Foodtronix Hardware

Commercial POS

best phone system for pizza restaurant

Phone Management System

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