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Revolutionize Your Bar & Nightclub Operations with Foodtronix POS

We know as a high traffic bar or nightclub, you handle many different tabs and orders throughout the night. Instead of making you work harder, we’ve optimized our systems to handle different pricing, tabs and orders all while being easy to navigate.

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Maximize your profits with a sleek, integrated POS system.

On a busy night it’s hard to keep up with the amount of traffic your nightlife experience gets. Make every transaction as smooth as your drinks!

Take Orders At The Table

Our FlexTab product allows your servers to easily take orders at the table and focus on your customers instead of having to input orders at a fixed station.

The FlexTab is developed to integrate tightly with the FoodTronix Restaurant Management System (RMS), allowing centralized order processing, data administration and reporting. Feature functionality in this solution includes optimized waiter functionality, security, and in-store POS integration.



Order Processing

Instead of writing down the order, or trying to memorize it, your wait staff sends orders to the back immediately. This removes the added step of re-translating the order into the POS station.

Handheld Capability

Your wait staff can carry the FlexTab anywhere within the restaurant while still having the flexibility to send or modify orders on-the-go.

Multiple Device Options

FlexTab is based on the Android platform, allowing for a myriad of device selections at varying prices, sizes, colors and shapes.

Mobile POS Integration
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Create Tabs Easily

Our quickswipe technology allows you to quickly create a tab and hand your guests their credit cards back.



No Risk

Your customers’ sensitive information isn’t at risk because once their tab is closed out, the POS automatically deletes their credit card information.

Easy Tab Closeout

Without their credit card, it’s as simple as clicking a button to close a tab.

Easy Tab Navigation

Our alphabetically sorted tabs make closing out a tab quick and easy.



Locate Orders Quickly

Our ergonomic scroll handle makes it faster and more efficient to find a tab than the typical all-or-nothing page scroll that most POS systems use.

Unlimited Tabs

Don’t worry about your POS not functioning during peak hours, our systems can create unlimited tabs with no lag time or screen delay.

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See how our systems have impacted and continue to impact one of our customer’s restaurants daily!

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