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Catering To Love

We call our mission Catering to Love. We’re just a ragtag group of ordinary imperfect folks, from homeless to CEO’s, who are driven to unite and serve the community with the love Jesus shared with us while supporting community outreach events. It’s hard to call the folks “volunteers,” when acting in the obedience of our King. At some point, when you really do put all your chips in for the Lord, that title really becomes “disciples.”

We network and connect local restaurants and other businesses with local outreaches to help grow the support and impact of the respective mission. We also help with some event supplies as well as low-cost event catering and food donations. Our hope and prayer is that those whom we serve and serve with, especially the next generations, experience a positive perspective — an open heart perspective — on the event and those in it with an infectious presence of the Lord through our acts. A major goal is that the event participants understand the many varying perspectives of the event, good and bad, and that God’s work can be done in all of them, through all of them. Contact us to learn more.

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