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Simple Concept, Extraordinary Results

The concept of FoodTronix was established in Grapevine, Texas in 2001, when several programming graduates went to a restaurant and stood in line too long. After learning the restaurant had no technology implemented, the graduates formed a consulting task force to determine what could make a restaurant run better. Over the years, data has been gathered from studying the operations of many small restaurants — with and without technology solutions. Many restaurants with technology implemented were only partially optimized. The lines did not decrease, the wait speed did not increase, and the cook staff efficiency wasn’t affected.

From this task force the FoodTronix suite of products was developed. All of which address the major components of the restaurant business. In March of 2002, the technical designs of these products were complete and development began.

Our focus is and will stay with restaurants. Unlike many IT companies who will serve whatever business presents itself, FoodTronix will focus on restaurants, namely small locally owned restaurants. Focusing on their individual needs, meeting their operational requirements, optimizing as technology advances, and maintaining an affordable suite of products. Contact us for more info!

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Our Mission

To glorify God in our daily efforts as FoodTronix offers independent and family operated restaurants with affordable ways to streamline their operation. FoodTronix will lead restaurants into symbiotic operations with meaningful POS technology at affordable prices. FoodTronix will help generate confidence for restaurant owners to understand the value technology has to offer, and will continue to develop solutions that will improve restaurant operations.

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