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Restaurant Phone System: The #1 Best

Times have changed and phone orders have increased. Never miss another phone call again with our Restaurant Phone System. 

Try a Free Live Demo for Yourself! Our system is a true solution.

Secure a Restaurant Phone System, Live Your Best Life.

See how FoodTronix POS systems work! Not only is our restaurant phone system the best for small restaurants, but we also offer custom packages to make sure that your needs are fulfilled. We can integrate our technology into your restaurant for faster, better service. And, our customers love us.

See Why FoodTronix is the Best Phone System For Restaurants and Has the Most Value For The Restaurant Industry

Feature FoodTronix Closest Competitors National
VoIP companies
Phone service
from cable provider
phone service
Both IP Phone service and copper line handoff? Yes. Whichever fits your needs best IP phones only Most are IP phone only Many are copper line only Copper line only
Call recording available? Standard
No additional cost
With some packages Not available higher cost Not available from most Not available
Start of call (upsell) messages, call queueing, on-hold messages etc? Standard
No additional cost
Standard Usually higher cost Not available from most Not available
Detailed reports on hold time, lost calls etc? Standard
No additional cost
Standard Usually higher cost Not available from most Not available
Centralized, distributed and hybrid call center support available? Standard
No additional cost
Not offered or only centralized Usually centralized only Not available from most Not available
Cellular backup Internet? Protects phones and POS/web orders/CC Protects phones only Not available Not available Not available

Benefits You Can Expect

best phone system for pizza restaurant
  • All calls are answered: Many VOIPs can do this, traditional does not
  • High order volume caller redirect: Nobody does this, traditional phone off the hook
  • POS Caller ID Integration (like Pizza Hut) – FoodTronix POS: Other VOIPs would need expensive custom programming, traditional does this with additional hardware
  • Menus for Reservations, caterings that can chase cell phones: some VOIPs can do this, traditional can’t do this
  • Curbside pickup priority: Very few VOIPs can do this, traditional can’t do this
  • Online Ordering Promotions: Many VOIPs can do this, traditional can only with voicemail
  • Have staff take orders from home: Some VOIPs can do this, traditional can not
  • Cell phone backup: Many VOIPs can do this, traditional can not
  • Has every phone system feature, not trimmed down: No VOIPS do this-they all trim functionality off, traditional doesn’t compare (this feature is intended to kill out all feature advantages of VOIPs)
  • Works with most restaurant POS systems, including ours

Customer Testimonial

“I’ve been using FoodTronix for over 12 years now and can’t fathom trusting another company with what all they do for us.  They’re a small family business like mine. Their phone solution has really helped my business by catching the calls we would have missed, keeping our staff focused on their customer and educating our customers about our online ordering options. They may have been around forever, but they definitely know how to stay ahead of the competition!”

– Elesha Snyder, Owner of George’s Family Kitchen, Dayton, OH

Learn more about our phone management system!

Schedule a phone call with us to discover how our phone system can work for you! We will demonstrate how we can integrate our technology into your restaurant for faster, better service.

Hardware Variety

Our phone system employs the most capable hosted PBX technology on the market, bringing every feature any phone system can do plus the ability to develop new custom features, which we’ve leveraged for restaurants.  This system supports the full spectrum of VOIP phone hardware from stationary to wireless handsets without geographical constraints allowing phones at home and in various stores.

Stationary Phone Icon

Stationary Phone

Mobile Phone icon

Base + Handsets

Mobile Tablet Icon

Additional Handsets

A Restaurant Phone System Makes Employees Happy

Implementing the right restaurant phone system doesn’t just make sense for your customers and your business on the front end, but it also makes a huge difference for your employees.

Think about how game-changing it would be for your pizza delivery drivers to be able to have set cashout tools ready to go so payments are seamless and fast. Through the proper system, management can see which deliveries have been completed and which are still outstanding.

The headache caused by chaos can multiply as systems break down, causing more and more issues as things fall apart. Employees thrive when they are supported by a pizza phone system that does not fail.

Why Foodtronix Makes the Best Restaurant Phone Systems

The concept of FoodTronix was established in Grapevine, Texas at the onset of the new millennium to discover how to make a restaurant operator’s life simpler and better. Our focus has been and remains on restaurants.  We’re proud to be the only company that has created a phone system uniquely tailored to the specific needs of restaurants using our decades of knowledge and experience dedicated to the industry. Our pledge is to continue focusing on individual restaurant needs, meeting their operational requirements, optimizing as technology advances, and maintaining an affordable suite of products.