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Best Online Phone Systems For Small Business in 2023

The right phone system for restaurants can have a huge impact on customer satisfaction and operational efficiency, so it is important to select the best system for your pizza restaurant.

When choosing a system for your business, there are several things you need to consider. Read along as FoodTronix brings you the best system options available to pizza restaurant owners in 2023.

What Do Restaurants Need in a Business Phone System?

Bringing your business to the next level requires phone systems that offer features tailored to restaurant needs. This includes helping you manage phone lines, voicemails, and other communication tasks quickly and easily.

You will want a system that enables you to make fast decisions and provide better customer service while keeping costs low. Customer service should be a top priority in any restaurant phone system as it will ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Additionally, restaurant phone systems should be able to handle high call volumes, allowing customers to get through quickly and easily. A good phone system can bring many advantages to your pizza restaurant.

What Is a Pizza Restaurant Phone System and How Does It Work?

A pizza restaurant system is an integrated phone system specifically designed for use in pizza restaurants. This system allows restaurant owners to manage their customer service, place orders, and keep track of communication easily.

The phone systems are equipped with features like voice recognition, automated call routing, and call forwarding that make it easier to communicate with customers. It also allows customers to order pizza easier and faster, saving them time and making their overall experience better.

The best restaurant phone system for pizza restaurants should be easy to use and include features like call waiting, voicemail options, phone directory, and phone book. It should also have the capability to customize settings for specific customers or even for different locations.

Common Types of Phone Systems Used by Restaurants

Telephone service providers offer a wide variety of phone systems for restaurants, ranging from basic systems to more sophisticated ones. Here are the common types of phone systems used by restaurants:

1. Key System Units (KSU)

Key System Units (KSU) phone systems are typically used by small to medium-sized restaurants. It is a cost-effective phone system that offers features like call transfer, voicemail, and phone directory.

Additionally, KSU phone systems can be customized to meet the needs of your restaurant. This phone is very user-friendly and easy to install.

2. Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN)

Public Switched Telephone Network or PSTN phone systems are phone systems that connect calls using phone lines and a dedicated phone system. This type of phone system is best suited for larger restaurants as it can handle higher call volumes.

PSTN systems include features such as interactive voice response, call forwarding, and advanced voicemail options. It also allows you to customize settings for specific customers or even for different locations.

3. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems is one of the common types of business phone systems that use an internet service to make and receive phone calls. This allows customers to place orders quickly and easily, making it a great choice for pizza restaurants.

VoIP phone systems also offer features such as automatic call routing, caller ID, and phone directory. It also enables restaurants to customize settings for specific customers or even for different locations. With the use of the internet connection, VoIP phone systems allow customers to place phone orders seamlessly.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), also called IP telephony, is a method and group of technologies for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol (IP) networks, such as the Internet. The terms Internet telephony, broadband telephony, and broadband phone service specifically refer to the provisioning of communications services (voice, fax, SMS, voice-messaging) over the Internet, rather than via the public switched telephone network (PSTN), also known as plain old telephone service


Benefits of Using Online Restaurant Phone Answering Systems

When it comes to a service and maintenance plan, a phone system for restaurants can bring many benefits. Here are some of the advantages that come with phone answering systems:

1. Improved Customer Service

Phone answering systems allow restaurant owners to manage their customer service more effectively. With phone answering systems, customers can receive a personalized experience as they will get to talk with the same person each time they call.

This system for restaurant personalization also makes customers feel valued and appreciated, leading to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. Additionally, phone answering systems allow restaurant owners to track phone calls, giving them insight into customer preferences.

2. Increased Efficiency

Phone answering systems increase the efficiency of phone operations by allowing customers to place orders quickly and easily. This saves time and increases customer satisfaction as well.

Additionally, a phone system for a restaurant can be set up to route calls directly to a specific employee or team, eliminating the need for phone operators.

3. Cost Savings

Using phone answering systems can also help save your restaurant money in the long run. With a phone system for a restaurant, you don’t have to hire phone operators or pay for expensive phone systems. Instead, phone answering systems are affordable and require minimal setup and maintenance costs.

How To Choose a Restaurant Phone System

When it comes to choosing a phone system for your pizza restaurant, there are certain criteria to consider. Here are some tips on how to choose the best system for your restaurant:

1. Custom Dial Menu: Professional Greeting to Create a Great First Impression

Custom dial menu phone answering systems allow restaurant owners to set up a custom greeting that customers hear when they call. This can be used as an opportunity to make a good first impression and let customers know what type of products or services the restaurant offers.

A professional greeting also gives customers an indication of the restaurant’s level of customer service. This helps to set the tone for their ordering experience and builds confidence in the restaurant.

2. Simultaneous Ring

With systems, restaurant owners can set up simultaneous ringing so that multiple phone lines ring when a customer calls. This allows them to get to customers quicker and process orders faster.

Having multiple phone lines also reduces the risk of missed orders as there are more chances for a call to be heard. Furthermore, phone systems can also be set up to auto-transfer calls to different phone lines if one phone line is busy.

3. Ring a Second Number with Rollover Ringing

A phone company with phone system features such as rollover ringing allows restaurant owners to ring a secondary phone line when the primary phone line is busy. This eliminates the need for customers to wait on hold and improves customer service.

Rollover ringing also ensures that all phone calls are answered, even during peak hours when phone lines may be overloaded. This can reduce missed orders and increase customer satisfaction.

4. Call Waiting

Call waiting systems allow restaurant owners to put customers on hold while they take another phone call. This is especially useful for pizza restaurants that receive a high volume of phone calls during peak hours.

By having call waiting, customers don’t have to wait in line and can be served immediately when their turn comes. This creates improved customer service and helps to keep phone lines free during peak hours.

5. Voicemail-to-email: No More Lost Orders

Another feature to consider when looking for systems is the ability to send voicemails directly to an email account. This feature allows restaurant owners to quickly respond to customers and take their orders without having to listen through multiple voicemails.

This is particularly useful for pizza restaurants that receive a large number of phone orders or for restaurants that have extended opening hours. By having voicemail-to-email, restaurant owners can ensure that no phone orders are missed and customers receive a quick response.

6. Landline Texting: Updates and Customer Convenience

Updates and customer convenience are two of the main reasons to invest in phone answering systems. Landline texting systems allow restaurant owners to send text updates to customers about their order status and delivery times.

This helps customers stay informed about their orders and can reduce the number of phone calls that restaurants have to answer.

In addition, landline texting systems also help customers by providing them with an alternative way to contact the restaurant. This is particularly useful for customers with hearing impairments or who don’t want to wait on hold to take their phone orders.

7. Automated Voice Messaging System

Missed calls and phone orders can be a big problem for pizza restaurants. An automated voice messaging system helps to reduce missed phone calls by sending an automated message when the phone line is busy. This allows restaurant owners to quickly take phone orders and maintain customer service even during their busiest times.

8. Unlimited Nationwide Calling

Bringing restaurant phones in-house can be expensive and time-consuming. For this reason, it is important to choose systems that offer unlimited nationwide calling. This helps to keep phone bills low while enabling restaurant owners to take phone orders from multiple locations.

Furthermore, phone companies with unlimited nationwide calling often have network redundancy so that phone calls are always connected. This ensures that phone orders are never dropped and customers receive the best service possible.

9. Spam Call Blocking

Another phone system feature to look out for is spam call blocking. This feature allows phone companies to block calls from suspicious numbers and can help protect restaurants from phone scams.

By having phone systems with this feature, restaurant owners can reduce the amount of time spent on phone calls and ensure that phone orders are not interrupted.

The Bottom Line: It’s Time To Streamline Your Process

Choosing the best phone system for your pizza restaurant can help you streamline processes, reduce phone bills, and improve customer service. From call waiting to voicemail-to-email, landline texting, and automated voice messaging systems, there are many features that phone companies offer to accommodate restaurants.

Furthermore, spam call blocking protects restaurants from unwanted phone calls and unlimited nationwide calling helps to reduce phone bills.

FoodTronix provides comprehensive phone system solutions designed specifically for pizza restaurants.

Our phone systems are packed with features such as voicemail-to-email, landline texting, automated voice messaging systems, spam call blocking, and unlimited nationwide calling.

With FoodTronix’s phone system for restaurant, you can reduce phone bills and improve customer service for your restaurant in 2023.

Contact us today to learn more about phone systems for pizza restaurants.

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